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  • We have two quiz games: Conquest Legends (10 questions) and Roozani Sprint (10 questions)
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  • You can always play our games unlimitedly

Top Scorers Ranking

Top players for Roozani Sprint

Rank Name Score
1st Joseph 100% OR 100 Points
2nd Joe 100% OR 100 Points
3rd Joseph 100% OR 100 Points
4th Cup24shop 100% OR 100 Points
5th Joe 100% OR 100 Points

Top players for Conquest Legends

Rank Name Score
1st Joe 100% OR 100 Points
2nd Gnj 100% OR 100 Points
3rd Joe 100% OR 40 Points
4th Gn 87% OR 90 Points
5th Cg 70% OR 17.5 Points
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